I named this blog : My unspoken mind, in order to stabilize my chaotic minds toward issues happening around me.

I believe, writing is one of media to channel my thoughts, or just to express what I feel or think peacefully.

I’m Indonesian, been living in three cities and two countries permanently, Indonesia and Singapore.

I’ve been residing in Singapore for 5.5 years for study and work to survive in this harsh world, then 5.5 years in hectic and stressful Jakarta  that sometimes turn me into a little grumpy girl, born in Jakarta but raised in Padang, West Sumatra – Indonesia. I do like my nomadic lifestyle, which give me some experience and I enjoy observing new things surround me.

English is not my mom language so forgive me if I don’t write my blog in impeccable English.

I love traveling, photography, cooking , reading good books, foreign languages, drawing and of course,writing.

Oh yes, regarding the ‘my unspoken minds’ name for this blog, the idea started from my school project that asked us to depict ourselves in visual way. I chose ‘my unspoken minds’ name, because I have a ton of thought in mind that I just keep alone, and I really need to channel those for my health. ( I believe I’m not the only one… ) 🙂

My another blog , named www.indek.wordpress.com , focusing on design topic only.



19 thoughts on “Who

  1. your picture with black border reminds me of wise or motivation poster. I’ll title it, Freedom of Expression.

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  3. Hi.. I came across your blog while searching and been reading along, it’s a nice blog you got here.

    • ah, k’luigi… sorry nih… baru nyadar, komen ini terperangkap di spamm…. k’luigi dimana nih.. ntar aku kasih deh, nomor hape aku… padahal ngirimnya ke New York kok nyasar ke Bagdad .. hihi.. yg penting nyampe..

    • Hai, Im originally from kabupaten agam, maninjau.. west sumatra.. but i was born in jakarta, raised in padang, jakarta and singapore..

      Suku ambo malayu 😉

      • We have same color, I am from Kamang Darussalam. Nice to meet you.

        Suku ambo Pisang (Sipisang)

        Baa kok bsa sampai tingga di Singapura? Aja-ajalah ambo ko.

        Kuliah di Unand dahulunyo?

        • Jadi sukunyo indak sutan paduko basa sesuai samo namonyo..

          Indak pernah kuliah di unand.. 😉
          Kamang darusallam itu yg masuh bukittinggi kan

          Dulu sekolah lalu karajo di singapur

          • he.

            Batua, dekak Bukittinggi. Kalau dapek tagak di ateh Jam Gadang, cubo caliak arah Timur Laut. Kamang Darussalam talatak di Kaki Bukik Barisan.

            Nice to meet you my sist, have a great journey. What you done is what I want, but I cant.. 😦

  4. @sutanpaduko…

    Rancak bana kampuang nyo 🙂 , kok say i cant before you start… ada peribahass, where theres a will theres a way..
    tapi emang sih, pikiran dan wawasan tuh harus dilapangkan se.. ambo baca blognyo, kayak dicuci otak samo media-media yang selalu menyiarkan berita negatif..

    traveling mengajari kita menjaddi orang yang lebih toleran dibanding terisolasi di desa yang kecil, kalau dunia tuh gak hanya Minang… blognya terlalu primordial, dan merasa minangkabau sangat special….

    good luck to you

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