a piece of work


cool idea for beer, it’s halal.. seriously, just scroll down ..

Beer from Holland and Germany

But on the other side, its written in Arabic. means 0,0 per cent alcohol…

anyway, never like Beer.. it tastes like CAN


Yup,the other side of my narcissistic.. It’s a graphic book about myself.. and to be honest, I mind revealing inside of the book here

20 pages


The story tells about Imaginary friends in an imaginary life and
how our mind becomes a powerful thing,
It doesn’t matter it was not real, but the most important
It was real for you….
Epilogue :
I once lived in her world, with her imaginary friend in an imaginary world.
Her memory was grey.
As I have grown I have become rebel, one who doesn’t like to follow rules.
Living a chaotic life, where sometimes I don’t know what I want, or who I am.
At times my thoughts betray me, exposing my many different sides,
different images of me, created by myself.

My present life is colorful.
In contrast of the memories, the darkness.
I’m still learning, growing, and seeing the real world a different way.

I’m loving someone in secret.
The feelings grew, then  ‘it’ was gone.



my old show reel


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