kompetiblog 2010

In my spare time, I tried to rearrange and convert my blog about Utrecht Summer School into Publication, . I do this to make my travel notes in summer 2010 will be easier to read ….
I design the cover, pictures editing, arrange the pages and pictures together, but.. I don’t illustrate some illustration in it, All is free vector property.


updated; april 12th,2012

Hello, FINALLY… it’s almost been two years huh??

When I was in Holland, I recorded some videos and  asked my classmates testimonial about Utrecht Summer School included Yosua. I had this idea to create my own short video to document my journey. Arming with my Digicam I recorded some videos which unfortunately the resolution wasn’t really good.

The story of this short motion graphic is about discovering Holland. I named it based on the text book which given to us, in summer course class, ‘Discovering the Dutch’

My  purpose is to deliver messages about Holland in multimedia. So, I sketched the storyboard, telling some stories  about Holland and its art,culture,uniqueness from the color orange to windmill etc….. The challenge I face here is, I need to make the music and moving images work one another. I love the music, so don’t forget to turn up the volume of your speaker ;) … Music gives the soul to this short video….

The music is German techno titled Endlich Fruhling or Google Translator said; Finally Spring….   Hope you enjoy it…….. :)

‘Thanks to AAQQ (Rizky Randu Permana) who indirectly shares his contribution to this project, where I used one of his picture from Gay Parade album on Facebook. I need the picture about Gay in Holland, but not really vulgar where I can put it on my video for all ages or more polite for certain society. Yes, I got a guy who wears orange T-shirt carrying the rainbow flag. A Picture speaks a thousand words, his picture enough to represent the issue.’

There is Anne Frank statue in the video with ‘Freedom, Liberal and Tolerant’ motion texts, Anne is a symbol of tolerance in Holland since long time ago.  I’m trying to describe that Anne Frank, as a German/Jewish little girl who escaped from Germany when Nazi killed Jewish community at that time, her family and she got a place to hide in Holland,then after her death  her house transformed to be a museum.


5 thoughts on “kompetiblog 2010

  1. woow.. amazing!! 😀
    good designs, good photos, good writing.. everything was great.
    can u share ur experiences or suggest me how to become winners in that competition?
    i’m very interested, but less experienced to write.
    btw, can u give me download link for that publication (travel memoirs)? i hope i can read it offline and get much inspiration & knowledge from ur great experience.. 😀

    • Hello .. thanks for commenting 🙂
      It’s good to hear positive response , …. Regarding sharing experiences how to become a winner, … just give a try, write the article, bring your personal perspective , enthusiasm and try to get unusual or interesting topic … and good luck then 😉

      I apologize, for the time being it’s not available for download yet, .. for certain reasons. I really wish your understanding about it …. :))

  2. cooollll… awesome story… ga pernah bosan baca tulisannya, gaya penyampaiannya itu lhooo… renyah *kayak fredciken :p 😆
    salam kangeen kaak rahmaaa 😀

  3. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished
    to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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