The Great Dictator Speech in Kinetic Typography

At first, I blame my self because I still can’t continue my traveling solo story up to now. I still  owe around 2 more entries about Jogjakarta, but I’d like to write about it when I have spare time. *Finger Crossed*

On this entry, I want to show my latest motion graphic project. Several months ago, I posted an entry titled; Speechless Speech .. ah, Honestly I’m not sure whether my phrase is correct or not. Speechless Speech, it’s just because I became so speechless when I watched the speech of Charlie Chaplin on The great Dictator video on youtube.

So, … it’s my very first full Kinetic Typography. I created it approximately 60 hours or a bit more, due to low processor and almost overload  hard-disk,oh ya….. also browsing around on facebook really destroyed my productivity, eh!!

At first, I copy pasted all the speech scritp onto Photoshop, and give some effect abit, decided the typeface that I think suit with the theme. There are 711 words to be synced and animated individually. Yeah, it’s a bit tiring and painful, need a lot of patience where I have to listen the speech and visualizing  the moving texts could be better for each words.  So, during this process of making , I already listen to this speech around hundreds time … 😀 I almost know it by heart NOW… 😉

And then, I give some effect and animation in After Effect software, I create the scenes in green screen so I’m free to decide which background I’m going to use the latter on. After that, I bring them to Adobe Premiere software, and editing process take some times here. Because, in this process I have to make it all in sync with the voice. Then, bring them back to After Effect, to remove the green screen and give more vintage effect. Arhhh, do you think I work efficiently, .. because that’s all on my logic how to produce what I need and want. At last, … I bring all together in Adobe Premiere, ….to put sound and last editing. RENDERING is my favorite time. See, I’m a traveler, so does my work. It’s transiting from one software to another software. 🙂

I intentionally make the video in vintage style, to give 1940s atmosphere in video. The main aim of this is, to campaign  sustainable peace in this world. Enjoy my first kinetic typography 🙂


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