Traveling Solo, Exploring 4 Provinces of Indonesia for 22 days (Part 6)

Day 12 ,  December 19, 2011 // Probolingo + Cemoro Lawang, Bromo East Java

While having breakfast at my hostel cafe, I met two Vietnamese girls. I just arrived at Cemoro Lawang, then I joined them exploring Semeru National Park by Jeep. So, we shared the jeep rental together. I paid around 100.000 rupiah to them, cheaper than I rent a jeep by myself only.

It’s great, meeting another travelers from different country on my solo journey.When we travel alone, we can do and decide whatever we want to do without asking another opinion in our group. Sometimes, traveling alone get us more friends than traveling in a group..

So, we started to get to know one another, .. one of this Vietnamese girl always carried her DSLR camera, and she took great pictures. I found we have some in common, traveling and taking pictures are more than anything for me.

I can’t separate between traveling and capturing photographs. Traveling without camera in my hand, it’s like swimming in an empty swimming pool,- swimming without water… it’s a mistake!!! I do love narrating pictures I’ve taken from my camera.

Back to my adventure with two Vietnamese girls,… …………………..So, with the jeep and the driver we explored Semeru National Park. The scenery is extremely amazing, … I love this place so much. We passed sea sand or whispering sand, savanna telletubies, and offroad where there are cliff on our right and left side. Man, I’m not sure I would have a gut to drive in this place.

The Jeep

Cliffs on our left and right side

After 40 minutes of driving a jeep on off road, the driver dropped us at Coban Pelangi waterfall. We need to walk up and down hill to reach the waterfall. It’s enough to burn hundreds of calorie I think!!!

Trekking at Semeru National Park

A Little mosque on our way, there’s a toilet and the water is sooo collldd…. okay, I’m around 2000 meter above sea level

While trekking to reach the waterfall, we had some chats … One of this Vietnamese girl told me, she saw some rubbish on mount Bromo that she thinks, Indonesians are not really aware of  keeping their environment clean.

Wow, That’s true…. But, I’ve never been to Vietnam and become more curious in this country, which I’ve read the fact is …. most developing countries are not really well managed, corrupt government and the people itself are kinda ignorant to keep the better environment by not throwing their rubbish whenever they want to throw.

So I asked them, ‘How about in Vietnam?? Do people care about keeping the environment clean??’

Vietnamese girl #1:’ In Vietnam, young generation are taught at school about how important to throw rubbish in litter bin, but…. old generations are terrible…….’

I’d respect if Indonesian young generation do the same things as Vietnamese young generation…. What I’ve seen so far is, most of us don’t really care about keeping the environment clean, whether it’s from old or young generations.. I often saw random people throw their rubbish from their private car.  What a bastard attitude, and I got totally annoyed seeing this….

Can’t they just keep their trash in their own car, instead of throwing their own rubbish outside . It’s such a selfish attitude.. It’s just like normal in Indonesia, whether they are rich or not rich throwing their rubbish not into litter bin. We can see everywhere, it’s easy to see rubbish on the road.

I don’t think it’s because we are a group of dirty nation.. no, I don’t think so. I think it’s because we have mindset it’s not our task to keep the environment clean. Or we just don’t care, or it’s just normal in public places throwing rubbish everywhere, there’s no litter bin easy to get.. instead of keeping rubbish on our own just throw them away anywhere…….. some had mindset, that’s what cleaning services are for….

I feel a bit embarrassed to these Vietnamese girls. In fact, Vietnam just become an independent country after Vietnam War in 1970’s .. but, they are more educated than us in this matters, especially young generation!!


Some moments later…..Whoaaa…  we eventually reached the Waterfall!!!

After enjoying the Waterfall and taking pictures, we’re back to our Jeep, meaning we had to climb up again……

Trekking at Semeru National Park

Then,…… we started exploring another places… we stopped at some places to take pictures.. the scenery just awesome, you can’t skip to snip snap!!!

While on the road, I had some communication with our jeep driver. He doesn’t speak English quite much, so … I became an emergency translator for him when these Vietnamese asking something. He’s a local here, he told me.. only locals who are allowed to drive Jeep in this area. I understood, because it’s not an easy trek to drive…

I observed people here are very friendly, patience and they respect each other while driving … for example, when they met there’ s another jeep in front of them, on the opposite direction and the fact is the road is so narrow, not able to pass two 4 wheels vehicle at the same path, both of them were so cooperative to share the road, and at the end they are smiling or just greeting each other.

There’s no attitude like in Indonesian telenovela!!!!!! On Indonesian soap opera picturing people are bad, and we can’t trust one another…. and the world is just about money and status!!!

I like living in this place, it’s very peaceful place to stay .. as long as The Bromo doesn’t smoke hard and cause some major damages 😉

He’s a Hindu, He told me there are three religions in this place living together. Moslem, Hindu and Buddhist!!!!   At the end, he told me…… the best month to visit Bromo is in August, or from May to September. The weather is great in dry season, the sand dry and you can hear the sand movement when the wind blow.. as if the sand is whispering…… And, in full moon is also a higly recommended to visit Mt. Bromo…

Yes.. I hope, I’d get a chance to visit this place again!!!!! in August and full moon!!

Hindu Temple in front of my hostel

In the afternoon, we finished our Jeep journey.. then he dropped us nearby our hostel. I went to the cafe to get my big lunch and dinner… I ordered ‘Nasi Campur’ which is nice and inexpensive.

32.000 rupiah Nasi Campur, it’s so complete!!

Meanwhile, Vietnamese girls tried a bowl of Meatball from the street vendor around the hostel. They were eating the meatball soup in front of Bromo as a view!!!


2 thoughts on “Traveling Solo, Exploring 4 Provinces of Indonesia for 22 days (Part 6)

  1. waaah… ngiriiiii…. baru selese baca 6 part story nya.
    pengeeen jugaaa… tapi kudu nabung dulu buat bisa ke bali *walopun dgn budget minim*
    pdhl temen sy minggu kemaren juga backpakeran ke Bali dari solo. unfortunately i can’t joined them…
    hmmm,,, jadi bisa buat referensi neh kalo mau mbolang ke Bali-Probolinggo. masih ada lanjutannya nggak Kak ?? im waiting for the next story lhooo….

    • heeeeyyyy……… thanks for reading and commentinggg…. okay, akan ditulis sambungannya……… trimakasih udah ingetin.. hari ini diusahain.. masih panjang critanya……

      good luck jugaa.. iyaah, harus nabung untuk backpackingan.. 🙂

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