Traveling Solo, Exploring 4 Provinces of Indonesia for 22 days (Part 5)

Day 09 ,  December 16, 2011 // Bali

Kepang Bali, at Kuta Beach

Day 11 ,  December 18, 2011 // Bali

It’s the last day in Bali before leaving for Probolingo city, East Java. I didn’t take a bus to travel out of island but I took a travel agent bus. It’s cheaper than I travel by taxi first, and reach inconvenience Ubung Terminal. After elaborating the prices, if I took a bus, at first I need to pay around 60.000 rupiah taxi fee from Kuta to Ubung Terminal, Denpasar. Then, 150.000 rupiah for bus to Probolinggo, so, all together becomes 210.000 rupiah. The conclusion, taking travel agent bus is cheaper than taking a public bus at bus station, it’s only 150.000 rupiah from Kuta, including ferry at Gilimanuk to Java island.

Day 12 ,  December 19, 2011 // Probolingo + Cemoro Lawang, Bromo East Java

After spending 10 hours on the road I finally reached Probolingo at the dawn. From probolingo city, I stopped at Probolingo bus station, knowing I have to wait until noon to get a bus to Cemoro Lawang, I asked ojek driver to take me to Cemoro Lawang. It was early morning around 6 am!!! So, after bargaining and I got the price 80.000 rupiah from Probolingo to Cemoro Lawang by ojek, which the latter I gave him 100.000 rupiah because the journey is not an easy drive

… I was off to Cemoro Lawang, I was so excited … Bromo, here I come!!!!

But, before heading to probolingo,… I asked the ojek driver to get me to BII ATM card, because I was running out of cash. And, he’s so helpful and kind … brought me to ATM station… Probolingo is more developed, the city is clean and quite. I love the fresh air in the morning.

Reaching Cemoro Lawang from probolingo by motorcycle is not an easy drive, I just realized that the journey is climbing up …. I found my ojek rider got problem to drive his motorcycle and I felt so pity for him, and let him go first on ascend part. I then tried hard to hike the road… WOW, What a morning….. I was sweating, walking uphill …I adore people who live in this area, which I saw they are used to this way….

Ojek rider waits for me.. I hiked so hard to go uphill


So, It took around almost 2 hours by motorcycle from Probolingo to Cemoro Lawang. He finally took me to the spot I wanted, I stopped at Lava Hostel, which is nice and cozy, … The room is not like my budget.. , … but hey, I’m totally tired already from my 10 hours journey from Bali to Bromo and.. you guys might know, Indonesian drivers are kinda crazy… 😉 , I deserved to pamper myself at proper place to stay even though for one night only.


Around 9 am.. I realized I haven’t changed my watch time zone. Bali and East Java is one hour time different, so change your time as soon as you remember. I was having my breakfast and met 2 Vietnamese girls. Then, the adventure started.     TO BECONTINUED


3 thoughts on “Traveling Solo, Exploring 4 Provinces of Indonesia for 22 days (Part 5)

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  2. nice post.. sangat informatif 😀

    btw boleh tau ga travel agent nya pakai apa dalam perjalanan bali ke bromo nya? thanks yaaa 🙂

  3. Hi anniza, aku gak pakai travel agent apapun… semuanya independent.. 🙂

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