Traveling Solo, Exploring 4 Provinces of Indonesia for 22 days (Part 4)

Day 8 ,  December 15, 2011 // Bali

Tanah lot is on my list from My Bali adventure, so I wouldn’t skip this part, even though I had no idea how to get this place in (still) cheap way. Unfortunately, the weather was not really bright, … on my way to Denpasar, it was drizzle and dark cloud following me.

I was in Denpasar, however, I had no idea what to do there. I went to Ubung Terminal to ask about bus schedule from Denpasar to Probolingo, my next destination after Bali. At bus  station, people were very aggressive offering me bus ticket without letting me to be calm a while from my journey, Kuta to Denpasar. Honestly, I dislike this situation. There’s something wrong with system in Indonesia where things go chaotic and inconvenience.

I prefer things that I do based on my own will to somebody’s else push me to buy this and this. I’d rather like going to ticket counter on my own than dealing with people who offering me to buy the ticket. C’mon.. where’s ticket counter here.. I don’t understand… it’s kinda frustrating, …even, before entering the bus station, somebody with uniform asked my money to let me in to bus station.

It is kinda ridiculous,  even though it’s not much but it’s the first time in my life I had to spend 2000 rupiah just to pass bus station. I thought bus station is public access. Well… at least, from this visit I got idea how much bus ticket from Denpasar to Probolinggo. A night bus, the cost is 150.000 rupiah for around ten hours journey, including ferry ticket to across Java island.

The weather was gloomy, my first intention beside curious about this sacred place is to take great sunset picture with Tanah Lot as background. I don’t want to wait until tomorrow, than I asked an ojek, how much does it cost from Denpasar to Tanah Lot. He gave me a price around 55.000 rupiah round trips, with this route; Denpasar – Tanah Lot – Kuta. He will be waiting for me at Tanah Lot.

So, all in total took around 2.5 hours road journey. The result is, I’ve got a numb ass due to sit on motorcycle for a long time. But, I don’t really mind with my numb ass 😉 .. Tanah Lot is a great and magnificent place, I’d like to visit this place someday, hopefully when the sun shines.

The weather was really like I unexpected… Can’t see sunset

in Tanah Lot, with the monks ;)


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