Traveling Solo, Exploring 4 Provinces of Indonesia for 22 days (Part 2)

Day 4 ,  December 11, 2011 // Bali


Day 6,  December 13, 2011 // Bali

After spending 6 days in Bali, it’s time for beautiful sunset in Uluwatu, the southern part of Bali. From Kuta, I took a taxi to send me to Uluwatu road.. It’s not really far and doesn’t cost me much for taxi fee.

Arrived on Uluwatu road, there’s a minivan bus named Serbagita stopped waiting for passengers. I approached them to get information if any, Is this a bus to Uluwatu?? They replied correct, and when I asked how much does it cost to Uluwatu.. Amazingly, he replied that it’s FREE??

What?? For real??

So, this minivan to Uluwatu is a part of Bali Government promotion event, it will be free until the end of 2011.

Yes, I went to Uluwatu without costing me any transportation fee, round trips. A few hours before, I asked taxi driver.. it costs me around 200.000 rupiah to rent a taxi to get to Uluwatu. Aha… 🙂 🙂 Just my Luck!!!

Scenery in Uluwatu is just IMPRESSIVE … I captured a beautiful sunset as on Postcard!!!!

When the sky turned dark, I went back to ‘free minivan’ to send me back to Kuta. 😉  I enjoyed my Uluwatu visit, I hope… I’ll be back to this place , but armed with SLR Nikon 5100 camera , so.. I’d get more dramatic picture!!!!!!


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