Traveling Solo, Exploring 4 Provinces of Indonesia for 22 days (Part 1)

At the Airport- Ngurah Ray Bali

Day 1  // Bali

After spending one night at Ngurah Ray airport, I took an ojek to send me to a hotel at Tuban area. It’s recommendation from a waiter I had some small chats at MacDonald. When I arrived at the hotel he mentioned… yeee, I’m not interested at all. It’s just not my cup of tea, … it’s located quite far from the beach, the room rate is unreasonable from what its offer, no WiFi and far from tourist sites.

I stopped a cab and asked the driver to bring me to what Lonely Planet advised. I started believing Lonely Planet more now than asking people on the street, even though Lonely Planet room rate is a bit lower than the real rate, I guess things change just so fast.

I moved to Poppies Lane, I like the place… crowded, full of backpacker tourists like me, 24 hours MacDonald and KFC for free WiFi, 24 hours ministores, hostels, club and of course the beach in front of us.

Beach Gate

Day 2 // Bali

On my second day, after strolling around… I noticed.. Indonesian speak English to me, well, with this situation I acted as if I’m a foreigner, speaking and replying in English to my own people. They might think I’m Thai, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Malaysian or Filipino…

I enjoyed pretending to be ‘foreigner’ in my own country. Okay, so my face maybe not really represent Indonesian face. oops, It’s hard to say what Indonesian face truly is, rite. We have multi ethnic, but here, .. I mean ‘Anggun or Dian Sastro Wardoyo’  alike figures. Wide eyes and tan complexion.

I don’t have that traits, so it makes my face can be quite ‘flexible’ when I’m in touristy places. I’m from Sumatra, from my observation .. Javanese/Balinese have tan complexion than some group in Sumatra. Also, they have wider eyes and specific exotic dark skin than us. In Sumatra, half of group belong to fair complexion or whiter skin. I think that’s why, sometimes local or foreigners get confused with my appearance..  :p  . I enjoyed pretending to be Thai or Vietnamese at Indonesia touristy places.

Day 3 // Bali

Mount Batur

Cycling downhill from Kintamani, Mount Batur to Ubud. There’s another two people from Canada and England joined me. So, in total,- there are four of us with a guide who led us to bike from Kintamani to Ubud. It said, the journey from Kintamani to Ubud is around 25 km long. Along the road we passed up and down the road, rice fields and some Hindu temples.

On this cycling activity, I had some good chats with these Canadian and British tourists. They’re surprised when I told them, I don’t understand Balinese language, they got wondering  how do I talk to Balinese while my visit in Bali.

I told them, every ethnic in Indonesia own different languages.. However, we speak Bahasa Indonesia to communicate with each another. So, here… Indonesian is our official language. Without Indonesian language, between Balinese and I had to speak English or just body language to communicate.

my bike and cycling partners



I have something that bug me about tourism in Indonesia. I know tourism causing a lot benefits for a country or locals in touristy places, but.. I found we act kind of aggressive toward domestic or international tourists.

For example, selling souvenir or offering massage aggressively to foreigners or local tourist like me, I can say it’s quite annoying. I know they need money but, it’s not like this way to sell stuff, is it? Enforcing consumer to buy souvenir or get a massage, I think tourist will get annoyed with such attitudes.

They are reading books while sunbathing on the beach, locals come offering massage and never stop selling stuff .. Such a pity.


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