World MRT

I wish this World MRT for real, and when I’m still alive in this world.

So, I’ll have around 8/9 stop over countries from Jakarta to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It’s started from Jakarta-Singapore-Manila-taipe-Guangzhou-Nanjing-Krasnoyarsk-Novosibirsk-Omsk-Chelyabinsk-Prague-Berlin-Amsterdam (final destination)

Don’t you think it’s much fun for traveler or backpacker like me.. No need suitcase, just move from one train to another train. Traveling by plane sometimes can be so boring, surrounded by the clouds only, no scenery to see.

I did something like this in Holland. On my way back to Holland from Berlin, I took the bus from Berlin to Breda. Actually, I can stop in Utrecht and it’s a little bit cheaper. But I just want to experience traveling alone by bus, exploring The Netherlands from city to city. So, I stop in some more cities in Holland, enjoying Holland in foggy morning…

I passed the highway, from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, .. then stop in Breda. Arrived in Breda, I had breakfast, sightseeing… and then traveled back to Utrecht, stayed one night at the hostel there. Because as a traveler I want to get some experience staying at the hostel each country. Lastly, one day after took a train to Eindhoven.

This is the nice thing  traveling by myself. When you travel with partner, sometimes, we just busy talking and chatting but less in observing. However, traveling in a group also nice… sharing accommodation, so we can stay in cozy hotel room by sharing hotel room and expenses.

Another reason, at least, when we get lost we’d not being alone stuck in the middle of nowhere alone. But hey,….. for me, traveling is the situation where I get lost in purpose. It’s nice, when you just arrived in a foreign city… but you don’t have any idea where do you want to go.

So, if this World MRT is exist.. I’d have much fun to get lost in the train.. from country to country. Meeting people with different languages and races

P.S But I guess it would be easy to traffic illegal goods.


2 thoughts on “World MRT

  1. Gilakkkk klo sampe beneran! Tapi mungkin proyek kaya gini bakalan selesai bertaun-taun ya klo sampe beneran ada!

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