Confession of an Ex-Twitter Addict

Hooray , I deactivated my Twitter account!!

Actually, I’s not a new news.. it has deactivated several months ago, around July ,- if I’m not mistaken.

At the beginning, I almost never used my twitter account since I signed up in 2008. Because, I didn’t have any idea what is this about, what the hell I’m supposed to do on this website… and don’t get why do I need to tell the world what I am doing on twitter. … But, when I participated on a competition that asked me to use my twitter account, since then.. I started twitting and became a twitter addict. Well, I don’t regret addicting to Twitter for around one year.

At least, I had experience as a twitter user, then I can speak about why I decided to deactivate it.

I feel like an ex-drug user who stop consuming drugs… It’s such a relieve…. Now, every time I read people tweets …. I thankful I’m not twitting anymore.. I have a life, I’m tired of updating my status…. I feel like, It’s wrong and changed your character. Some trying to manipulate their images etc.

I don’t really want to expose every single of my life to everybody or let people read it actually.It’s because my own ignorance I let twitter took over my life.

Before deactivating my twitter, I wrote down the list what makes me think Twitter is not for me anymore.

1. I feel like stupid sharing craps or reading craps about somebody’s activity.

2. If I want to chat or discuss with friends… why do I need to do it on twitter, there is no privacy anymore. Okay, let’s back to old ways.. I can give you a call, text you, or it’s good if we have face to face communication.

3. Twitter makes me such a stalker, .. why do I need to read this, this and this… Back to old way, grab your book.. read it on the corner along your journey as commuter on the train.

4. I really wanted my life back, not using my smartphone for reading things why I need to give a damn..

5. When somebody followed me, I feel a bit guilty if I don’t follow her/his back. So, it’s like a burden for me on using this Web 2.0.

6. After I no longer on twitter, I feel my life back… I enjoy observing people on the train, the scenery behind the window during my trip… not annoyed people around me who saw me never move my thumb on blackberry in order to update my latest status, to tell crap I’m drinking a cup of hot coffee latte with cheesecake.

7. 140 character can lead misunderstanding to people who read my tweets when I was  not in really a good mood to type. The fact, it’s not all the time we can play safe…. I’m not perfect, you too.

I’m contented guys…. Hooray, no more twitter.. I did it!!!

My personal opinion, Twitter is just not for personal for me, I don’t mind using twitter for business or design, I think Twitter is meant to that purpose rather than  being such an exhibitionist.

Blog is okay for me, I can think first before publishing my entry.. Writing for blog is totally different from 140 characters. Facebook, it’s good to keep in touch with my friends who scattered over the world.


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