I hate Wedding Party

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate marriage but I never like attending wedding party since I was young. It’s around many years ago.. when I was still teen, sat in high school. My cousin got married, and I witnessed her marriage ceremony, Oh man, at that time, I started having a big fear to be a woman, and til the time come my turn to get married too as my cousin’s. Okay, relax… just let it flow. I was still teen anyway…

My sisters and brother have got married, with a nice wedding party certainly. When I told my parents, ‘I don’t want to have wedding party like this’ they stared at me as if I’m not a normal girl or even PERSON. Then they said, ‘you’re so extreme,.. just not normal… can you just be like normal people in the world. Everyone loves wedding party, and normal girls dream about this since they are in kindergarten’ (OH BOY!!!, CAN’T IMAGINE… I NEVER EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT DOES MARRIAGE ACTUALLY MEAN WHEN I WAS IN KINDERGARTEN…When I was 5 years old, I was busy drawing on my drawing papers and talking to myself)

Okay, to be honest… I don’t attend many marriage party so far, .. which it’s not normal in Indonesia. In Indonesia, every week has at least one wedding party. My parents attended 5 up  to 6 wedding parties every month. That’s just Indonesia. When we got married, we may invite the whole people we’ve known since we’re young, or even new neighbor, even you don’t know them closely. (okay, I’m not going to tell you about this specific culture on this entry)

Due to live outside Indonesia for many years, I just greeted my friends’ wedding party through facebook or email. I think it’s normal for nomad like me.

Back to why I hate wedding party: – some years ago, my sister got married.. and when they were in a sacral wedding ceremony, I saw my mum was crying…. and I asked her, why are you crying mom.. what happen?? It’s marriage, supposed to be happy moments… My mom told me, ‘It’s a hard moment for a mother to let her daughter start a new life, means she’s belong to her husband, not us, parents anymore’

YEAH, I can’t really understand my mum’s statement above.. Oh, c’mon… she’s still yours, she just got married to a male and sharing a bed room with a guy she loves. That’s my definition about marriage. And sharing the bills together,legal by law,  maybe ready to produce baby in the near future?? Or they just want to be in commitment.

So, I got conclusion… wedding party or ceremony is just a fake moments in life which I never really like it. It’s also wasting of money, I can’t never understand people who spent billion rupiah for wedding party only. Oh, C’mon…. If I were them, I’d better use the money for honeymoon, traveling around the world. It doesn’t mean I’m a stingy person, in  my humble opinion, BIG party it’s just not my lifestyle… that’s belong to Hollywood celebrity lifestyle. I’m just an ordinary person, .. I’m not interested in being  center of attention, I don’t like to be the one…. and I think it’s tiring to shake hundreds guests I don’t really know, and fake smile…. then taking picture together. I’m just not interested in such activity. It’s just unnecessary.

Okay, I didn’t mean to be so rude.. I didn’t mean to say.. I won’t come to your wedding when you invited me… not so, if  I’m invited a wedding party and I am able to come, I’ll try hard to come of course.. maybe I’d get problem to find any gown or appropriate dress to wear because I don’t have it at the moment…

and I’d have more haters from wedding event organizers in the near future. PEACE!

And I don’t even care this upcoming Royal Wedding.


4 thoughts on “I hate Wedding Party

  1. same here, i loathe it very much, especially when i am invited by people i don’t really know.. line up for buffet, fake smiles, and all just bores the hell out of me

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