A Love Hate Relationship

In my previous entry, at that time I mentioned .. gue ganti ring tone ke lagu kebangsaan… saking homesick and patrioticnya LOL.. nah, inilah lagunya… Lagu ini dijamin bikin orang Indo yang lagi diperantauan menitikan air mata deh… Catatan: kalau lo gede di Indo..

Prolly, at that entry either.. some of readers might get some points I dislike Indonesia. Nope,.. that’s not really true. My feeling to my country is like a Love – Hate Relationship. I have a deep feeling toward my country, but at the same time I do hate some culture and I refused to keep it, I  hate ridiculous laws and greedy politicians, I do hate the rupiahs… I hate my green passport that gives me much trouble compared to my other international friends…. but at the same time, I love the food, the history.. the sense of humor, hospitality as well… and a beautiful country named Indonesia. This is my home, I don’t need any sponsorship to live here.Period.


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