Across Culture Part II

I got another across culture stories to be shared; last December, my half Dutch-Indo friend came to Indonesia for one month, she and I traveled around Jakarta and Bandung city, she complained much about how bored her life in Holland. “I really want to work  and live in Indonesia, there’s no snow…. sunshine everyday, the weather is great unlike in Holland.”

It’s so ironic, I’m bored to death in Indonesia. I’m done with sunshine, I’m done with traffic jam… poor public transport and stuff. And now, you told me your life is boring in Holland. Dutch lady, please be grateful… at least, you have proper public transportation and no traffic jam over there. Unlike here, I believe .. for holiday, Indonesia is nice, fun.. Mooei Indonesie (beautiful Indonesia) as you said. But it’s not fun anymore when you become long-term resident here. Especially, if you don’t have your won vehicle.

Then, I remember… my another Dutch friend I met in Singapore told me, how nice lifestyle in Singapore. “See, there’s a life here… unlike in Holland, super cold and foggy. On Sunday, everything is closed. At 6 pm all stores are closed.. I really want to stay here longer, In Holland If you want to visit your friend, in our culture.. You need to make an appointment first, otherwise, they will judge you impolite person, that’s our culture… it’s different from Asian culture… people here are open, welcome… smile….. etcetera…. “So,folks…. Everyone has difference point of view rite??

Last summer, I visited Holland… I love Holland so much,.. I said to this Dutch friend.. “nope, Holland is nice, people are friendly, big smile, helpful… you know, a nice  lady on ticket counter at Utrecht Centraal station gave me a free ticket to Rotterdam, and another Dutch-Indo guy on ticket counter upgraded my ticket from second class to first class, how nice these people. Holland is not like what you said, people are cranky, no smile, cold, foggy.”

Then he replied; because it’s summer. Come to Holland in December, everything will be different. Hmmm, You always have excuses. Okay, I’ll save up money first to visit Holland in winter, I’ll see.. How desperado Holland is???

Last but no least, different people from different culture has their own opinions in observing and judging foreign country, right??

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For the time being the entry is Invisible for everyone.


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