Interruption in The Mall

January 3rd, 2011

I was waiting for the elevator at the Mall, Jakarta and all of a sudden, somebody approached me and gave me a cute household product for free. The latter I knew he is a  sales man who was hunting a victim to be hypnotized in order to buy their products.

I know it is his task to sell products to passer by like me, in the mall. However, I disagree, with the way of this brand marketing. Okay, just mention the brand name is XYZ product.

The Chronology:

1. I was waiting for the elevator to bring me to the fifth storey, and he came over me, gave me a cute fruit peeler that he said to me with a friendly smile It is FREE. I was wondering.. Oh yeah?? , yet, didn’t understand what he was talking about, Then…

2. He asked me to write down my name and cell phone number on a paper in the product booths, few meters from the elevator when I stood and  being targeted. He asked me to pick a coupon among several coupons, the one with him it is ‘You are Unlucky’, but mine is, ‘CONGRATULATIONS, with there’s an advanced electric stove picture on my coupon. So, according to him, today is my lucky day. His face looked so happy for me, I still don’t understand and I still can’t believe,… and I wasn’t happy at all, because I don’t think as easy as that to win something.

3. He was so excited calling ‘his friend’ . he told me he made a phone call to our central office and asked me to talk to someone I don’t know on the phone. Then person on the phone saying, congratulations on me. ‘Miss. R, you’re so lucky… You win our product worth 9 million rupiah’ , you’re the 15th person of the day and asking me, what credit/visa card I have, then after this, you are ready to take picture for our advertising. WTF??

4. Wait, wait.. first, win  this 9 million rupiah product, then I’m going to be appeared on the magazine?? … Well, I don’t want my picture appear on the magazine for something  I don’t understand. Okay, just follow them first.

5. After that, the first sales man asked my identity card (KTP), and explaining to me; so we’re going to send the guaranty letter to this address, correct?

Me: wait, wait….. are you sure, I’d bring this expensive stuff to my home for free?? or  do I need to buy something?? ( I know about sales trick, but this one is just too annoying, Yes, because he interrupted me for 30 minutes just to speak and listen the bullshitness, without answering my question OBVIOUSLY. I asked him for so many times, ‘ Do I need to pay something for this one. He never gave me direct question YES or NO, I only need YES or NO answer instead of A to Z explanation without ending.

They asked my credit card or visa card, No, I’m not going to surrender my important cards before I know what shit is this exactly.

To make me sure, they showed me several magazine that I never recognized, (there are 2 ass-kissers  never stopped kissing my ass and  never stop saying  that I’m a lucky woman.. did you dream something last night?? , not everyone as lucky as you)

One of them, showed me a magazine, it is like a housewife magazine, then he showed me those magazines, we’re about to take your picture with your prize (expensive electric stove), smiling at the camera holding XYZ product. WHAT?? NOOOOO….. I can’t let them publishing my picture like this way!!!! PLEASE, NO!!!! If you want to make me famous, please with another nice way, for example, me and my rucksack in Komodo Island or something like that. Not as a mom in the kitchen smiling as if I have motherly face, HELL NO!!!

The purpose is,  after winning this prize, taking picture and publishing my picture, my another task is to ‘advertise’ their product by using their product and bullshitting to my friends and neighbors about product I use from mouth to mouth. Okay, … It’s not really hard, nobody’s know whether I do their demands or not. I can take the product and CASH IT, I really need CASH  now not stuff (to be honest, I don’t need a stove or household items, because my residential status at the moment still like a gypsy woman. I don’t even have my own house. I move from one to another place and I do enjoy this lifestyle.

6. EVENTUALLY… like I guessed before it was not Free, folks!!! He told me, we’ll give you a set of  Tupperware worth Rp 800.000,- for FREE (again), BUT you need to buy a 40 % discount product first to get 9 million rupiah electric stove and Tupperware. D.A.M.N.

OKAY, to make it short, from the long story of them, I only need to pay Rp. 3.900.000,- for this product , which is a juice maker. And I’d get all of the product, such as; stove, Tupperware, juice maker.

What another funny things you’re going to tell me and please give my identity card back, I don’t have much time anymore for this crap. Firstly, What kind of Tupperware is that, Rp.800.000,- for a Tupperware set?? I’m not going to spend much money for Tupperware, I still can  live without Tupperware. Secondly, I’m not going to spend almost 4 million rupiah for a juice maker.

And they still insisted on me buying a juice maker product, because… back to early bullshit words, ‘not everyone as lucky as you.’ It is like this words trying to hypnotized me to buy XYZ product. Oh, C’mon guys.. I’m under your scenario from the first time I was in front of elevator.

I told them, ‘I’m not interested’

Sales #1: ‘ Shame…. you’re lucky’

Sales #2: ‘ Yes, it’s not everyone as lucky as you’

Me: ‘I’m not going to use it, not in the near future’

Sales #2: ‘ You can keep it until you get married’

Me: (Oh f*ck) .. I don’t have any plan to get married in the near future

Sales #2: ‘or you can give to your mother for pressie’

Me: naahh, its too expensive for a present (in heart: my mum knows her daughter is a broke girl, Ha Ha)

Sales #1: It’s for a mom, why not???

Me: “naaaaahhhh, My mom can buy this stuff alone.”

And the sales #3 came over us, interfering our conversation.

Sales #3: Why??? what’s going on in here?

Sales #2 & #1: ” so pity, she won bla bla bla bla bla” and you know what’s next, this sales #3 trying to persuade me to buy this product though.

And politely I demand: “could you please give my identity card back, I had another appointment, you know I was in a hurry before, I’m sorry I’m not interested. I’m sorry…..”

And they three looked so frustrated, broken-hearted. I didn’t mean to be so heartless, it just doesn’t make sense a set of Tupperware for RP. 800.000,-

At the end, I appreciated their job as sales, I know they need to sell their products, but please, their trick with fake scenario gives me a bad message for this XYZ product.

I believe many women has been their victims, have to spend much money for their mission under their scenario, and we’re forced to buy. When I’d like to buy something, I need to plan it before, pondering do I need to buy it or not?? I just don’t like being summoned to buy their product. Don’t they think it will give a bad message from the customers who had become victims. They bought XYZ product under enforcement.

One final word I conclude is; Annoying.

I hope law in this country stop this people. It’s  unhealthy at all, actually I don’t think I’m wrong if I mention the real name of this product because I care about others who will be  the next victims. Because I saw another young woman being victim too at the same time with me, and she gave her credit card to these sales men, and ready to sign something on the paper. Oh My Goodness.

Then, another dirty trick, the way they will publish our picture on the magazine. Some normal women really love to be appeared on the magazine, some might think, who knows it might be my first portfolio become a model?? HA HA HA.



Okay, I just googled this issue, oooops, this scam has been happening almost 10 years,  and this company brand belong to Malaysia (hmmmm….. and in Malaysia itself, also being reported by bloggers. The brand name is AOWA.  They have branches in Vietnam, Indonesian, Thailand and China… Why they don’t make a branch in Singapore, in fact, it’s close.. or is it because in Singapore, they will get a high risk to apply this annoying/scam trick in this country??  Or perhaps, mostly women in SG are career women, don’t give a damn much for kitchen set. Why there’s no ACTION in Indonesia law. C’mon, it’s totally disgusting trick, they’ve fooled innocent customers in dirty way.

In addition,  based on Indonesian society in general, Consumers here are just very consumptive.

Just google: Penipuan AOWA / AOWA scams




4 thoughts on “Interruption in The Mall

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  2. Gw juga pernah kaya gini! Ya ampun, untung ujung-ujungnya ga beli! Klo sampe iya trus baca ini bisa nyesel! Skenarionya sama kaya yang lo ceritain, gw sama nyokap dan kakak gw lagi di mall trus didatengin si penjual trus pas gw ambil ternyata menang undian *sial, yang waktu itu dipake KTP gw lagi!* Pokoknya lama banget deh, sejaman ada kali dengerin dia ngomong. Gw pas ujung-ujungnya denger klo dapetin barangnya mesti beli sesuatu, langsung males. Pertama nyokap tertarik tapi lama-lama jadi kurang soalnya kakak gw sama gw bilang lain kali aj belinya. Dan ya itu bener yang lo bilang, dikerubutin sama penjualnya terus diajak bercanda sambil bilang janji-janji manis. Gila ya ternyata yang kaya gini bentuk penipuan yang udah merajalela! Ga lagi-lagi deh berhenti klo ditawar-tawarin sesuatu.

    • untung ada lo dan kakak lo yg masih bisa mikir jernih.. kalo nyokap lo sendiri, bisa kena tuh.. karena ibu2 biasanya kan suka sama barang2 ginian. ditambah dgn caranya yg agresif gini

      gue juga dipuja puji, waktu itu gue lagi megang sekotak kecil J-Co donut, SKSD gitu sama gue… mbak, beruntung bener.. ntar donuts nya buat kita ajaaaa yaahhh… dalem hati, gue geli gitu.. ih, SKSD bgt deh looo..

      iyah nih, kita yg harus hati2 dimal, lebih baik nggak usah diladenin para penjual yg nggak ada gunanya buat kita.. en biasain punya mindset, : gue nggak akan beli sesuatu tanpa rencana dirumah dulu..

      kurang ajar kan, gue abis baca, ada ibu2 yg nyesel.. ngabisin 7 juta buat aowa ini karena kena pedaya, padahal duit 7 juta itu udah disiapin buat kuliah anaknya…. tayi nggak sih… gue bacanya aja geram abis.. kasian tuh, 7 juta kan banyak bgt bagi orang yg penghasilannya pas2an dan tabungan buat kuliah pula.. GERAM ABIS DEH..

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