I LOVE Fireworks

Happy New Year 2011 everyone,

I’ve got a lot of Resolution for 2011 that I can’t expose here, actually.. But the most important thing all I wish in 2011 is being healthy!!

New Year celebration identical with fireworks. Every year we always hear Pro and Contra about Fireworks. To be honest, I do love massive fireworks, and Yes, I heard of people’s comments about global warming and burning money for this Fireworks. In my humble opinion, C’mon people… It is not even everyday event. I noticed, Kids do love fireworks.. I assume, because kids really know how to enjoy life. Unlike us, adults are just so boring and fake, sometimes.

I remember when I watched Titanic movie, when the Ship crews sent an S.O.S sign by shouting Fireworks to the sky and there’s a scene ;  picturing a little girl looks so excited with the appearance of fireworks in the middle of chaos when the Titanic was about to get sunk in the deep ocean. This little girl didn’t know this firework’s purpose here is to send some signs that they’re in a danger situation. She enjoyed watching it without any burden meanwhile adults getting so panic with the sheip situation. ( Do you guys notice this small scene??? .. hmm, Yep, when I was teen and silly romantic, I watched Titanic movies for many times till I know the dialogue by heart.. I wish I’m not the only one!!)

It is just a little part of  movie I captured, how kids get so excited about colorful lights. So do I. My nieces and nephews are  always so happy everytime I show them my fireworks recordings. I lived in Singapore for quite some times when every new year and  August 9th (Singapore’s Birthday), there’s always massive fireworks  for some days. I liked to observe children’s expression when they watched fireworks. To me, it is just fun to guess what’s on their mind about fireworks when it splatters all over the sky. When I was young, I also curious how the colorful lights in a sudden splatters over the dark sky.

Chinese invented Fireworks in the 12th century for some purposes in ancient time, then in modern time we use firework to celebrate new year or great anniversary and we enjoy how the colorful lights designing the sky for some moments. They are beautiful, aren’t they?

Source: http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-love-fireworks/97086939772


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