Episode 16: Indonesisch Restaurant

During my 3 weeks in The Netherlands I captured some Indonesisch restaurants scattered around the country, and based on this resource, we’ll see, there are hundreds of Indonesian restaurant in The Netherlands. It’s just nice to see pieces of your country in someone’s else country, isn’t it?? I feel so, It makes me feel like home ….

Well, I love traveling, and I don’t mind staying or living overseas for a very long period or the rest of my life, I don’t experience culture shock at all when I first stayed in The Netherlands, I enjoy living in multicultural environment.. it makes my life more colorful. I don’t feel homesick at all when I stayed in The Netherlands, but oneΒ  thing I really miss when I stay far away from my home country is the food, my Indonesian food.

From my experience living with multicultural friends, I do love tasting variety of food, such as,Indian, Japanese, Turkish, Vietnamese etcetera…. I love food from over the world , as long as they are not into bizarre food , i.e snake soup, animal testicles, monkey’s brain (reminds me of one of episode in Indiana Jones movie) , I definitely don’t mind consuming ‘normal’ food from over the world.

For me, every country has their own uniqueness taste of food, from its smell, looks and whatever I can’t describe in short sentence. However, from all of food I’ve known in the world,….. Indonesian food is the best for me that I always miss it wherever I go. Why?? The answer is easy, because I grew up with Indonesian food, hot and spicy kind of food… It’s the best taste in the world. When I had dinner with my western friends , I enjoyed watching them look so scared when I was so brave eating some chilly paddy or chilly pepper, eating these chillies, it’s like a Super Power for me!! I can do what you can’t do!! yes, eating hot and spicy food….Β  πŸ˜‰

On this entry, I’ll share you guys some Indonesisch Restaurants photographs I captured during my short visit in The Netherlands… πŸ™‚Β  Genoten!!

Indonesisch Restaurant, ‘Bunga Mawar’ – Amsterdam

Indonesisch Restaurant, ‘Aneka Rasa’ – Amsterdam

Indonesisch Restaurant, ‘Garuda’ – Eindhoven

Indonesisch Restaurant, ‘Terang’ – Utrecht

Indonesisch Restaurant, β€˜Baby Snack’ – Utrecht

Indonesisch Restaurant, β€˜Gembira’ – Maastrich

Indonesisch Restaurant, ‘Gadjah Mas’ – Maastricht

Toko Centraal :: jual bahan-bahan masakan Indonesi

Updated picture:


15 thoughts on “Episode 16: Indonesisch Restaurant

  1. Indonesich Restaurant yg di Eindhoven (Garoeda) itu sebenarnya dah tutup… gak tau sejak kapan. Tapi yg pasti semenjak gw disana udah tutup hahaha… Gak tau kenapa masih ada plangnya disitu

    • haha, iya yah?? sayang banget… nggak pa-pa.. mati satu tumbuh seribu… entar kalau gue tinggal disana.. gue mau bikin rumah makan Padang ahhh, menu special sate Padang… gue belum liat sate padang selama di Belanda….

    • hahaha.. iyahhh… authentic rumah makan padang entar… sate padang, ayam pop, semur jengkol boleh nggak yahh??? ta’ kerjain tuh meneerr… biar kaget kok wcnya jadi bau tak sedap dan nafas jadi bau naga… hahaha , ntar Jengkinya dikasi judul ‘UFO fruit from West Sumatra’ πŸ˜›

  2. I love this compilation of Indonesian restaurants that you have captured in The Netherlands. Speaking as someone who has only lived in Asia, I find European architecture is so regal. I especially like the “corner” look of the Indonesian fast food restaurant on the fifth photo.. though I did ask myself, “Is there such thing as Indonesian fast food? Are Indonesians known for eating and running? I thought Indonesians take their time during a meal.” Again, I just ruminate.

    Great shots. =)

    • ada di tilburg, namanya restorant melati.. tapi si rutger yg beliin.. kita take away makan dirumah… dari dia gue tau, ada jenis makanan indonesia bernama serundeng.. sumpah,baru kemaren gue tau apa itu serundeng…

  3. i was in jakarta just a few weeks back and i must agree that indo food is really delicious. even thinking about it now makes me drool~~

    you must be excited when you see those indonesian restaurants when you are there. well, at least i do when i see a Malaysian restaurant during my trip overseas. somewhere you could relate yourself to and reminiscent the times when you had the exact same food back home.

    i wonder if they have ‘teh botol’ too πŸ˜›

    • so sad I wasn’t in Jakarta when you’re here… πŸ™‚
      some of Malaysian and Indonesian food are similar, like rendang… because west sumatra people migrated to negri sembilan long time agooo….

      thanks god, Indonesian diaspora is in a big amount in The Netherlands.. it makes us feels at home when we’re there, yes to be honest i felt so exicted with some indonesian restaurant when I was far away from home… …

      oh man, how could i forgot about that.. yes, they dont serve teh botol , unfortunately….!!!


  4. Saya suka baca blognya, penuh informasi tapi enak dibaca, Selamat mbak, menang kompetisi blog.

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