Episode 15: Delft Trip or Rondvaart Delft

I’ve finally been to Delft before I left The Netherlands, yes, I didn’t spend much time there ,even though it was just my quick visit in Delft, at least, I’m satisfied enough I already step my feet in an inspiring city for famous Dutch painter in 17 century named Vermeer.

I wrote an essay about him on my Survey of Art subject years ago, it was the first time I admire his girl with pearl earing painting. Vermeer is known as the master of light, with its camera obscura method of painting in positioning composition and perspective effect . And, not far from the canal, I found the father of microbiology, Anthony Van Leewenhoek’s house.

In Delft, I tried a typical Dutch fish. It’s called haring fish. On my Enkhuizen trip I had eaten a smoked haring which I like it so much, but this time with all my bravery I tried to eat this uncooked fish. Can you imagine, it serves without cooking, it’s just fish and garlic on it. Are you dare???

Yuumm… yumm….. It’s so challenging. I like sushi and eat alot uncooked salmon, octopus before but believe me, this uncooked Haring is more challenging than sushi!!..I can say it’s a victory for me!!! It makes me feel like a cat… meooowww, cat …. I’m your rival now.. I love uncooked fish as you do….. 😀

I then tried to explored the canal by boat. the guide is bilingual which is nice I understood what they talked about, the boat ticket costs me around 6 euro for 1 hour trip.

The weather was great, the sun is shiny… I love Delft city, it’s a beautiful city.. You must put this city on the list when you visit Holland.

And, what’s that?? Indonesia Museum in The Netherlands, I discovered Maluku Museum in Utrecht couple weeks ago. It makes me more love Holland, how do you feel, when we’re away more than 10 thousand kilometer from our home, but we still see Indonesia be mentioned as MUSEUM in people’s country. Well, I’m feeling at home in Holland. I have a question, do we have The Netherlands’ Museum in our country??

Updated: Yes we have, we can find it in Kota Toea (old town) district!!


14 thoughts on “Episode 15: Delft Trip or Rondvaart Delft

  1. keep posting! I would never have the courage to eat that raw fish. How it tastes like? :)) . Would you have it again?

    • Hi Nam, thanks for commenting, it tastes like an uncooked fish, you should try it once in a life time 😀 , ….. hahaha… I’m thinking of transforming tobe a cat if I’m addicted to it ….

  2. hey, I see your on a joy trip this days, hmm i should keep a tab on ur blog so that I keep looking what are you upto.. hehe… however I must say you have become more stronger to try an uncooked fish, I might never try that 😦 plus I know how it feels to see something of our country in someone elses’ country… thats why i liked Singapore as i could always feel nearer to the culture in which I have been born and brought up 🙂 Keep posting!

    • Haha, I’ll keep posting in English then 😀
      It was great, you should try it once in a life time!!!! I enjoy seeing another tourist watching me ate this uncooked haring with weird expression…. haha

      Regarding it’s great to see pieces of our country in overseas,.. yes, but here .. holland is located far away from indonesia.. 🙂 ..

    • suka yang tower2an yahh… kalo yg tower di delft ini, if im not wrong the name is oude kerk atau old church gittuuuu… iyahh bagus bgt….. oh iyah, aku belum nulis ttg DOM tower……

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  4. Девушки, кто пробовал? Мне можно особо не напрягаться в постели, они всё сделают сами? 🙂 Я давно этого хотела, и на днях мне эта вполне вероятность предоставится. Тема не разводка. С подружками не могу эти вещи обсудить, они будут в шоке.
    к стате сериаллы и фильмы я качаю с Мегаполиса Pi7 причем бесплато. 🙂 можете пользоватся. Лучше чем локалка.Если канечно ссылка не нужна можете и удалить.

  5. Baca-baca blog mbak,mau ke Belanda… Blognya bagus,mbak.
    Semoga tahun depan saya menang juga ke Belanda.

  6. wahh..ceritanya bagus..saya pengen ke delft juga! semoga menang kompetiblog taun ini… 🙂
    thx for sharing & inspiring

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