tees for world cup edition #1

Hi everyone,

I’ve got some tees to sell. The theme for now is World Cup 2010, designed by myself. It must be cool, if you wear these while watching your fave team’s match.  I still have some more nicer design, but later on I’ll publish them, so just stay tuned … 🙂

Oh yes, the price for girls’ and boys’ are 69.000 IDR (per each) ; excluding delivery cost   , if you are interested , just let me know through my email: 7maret [at] gmail [dot] com , don’t forget to mention  your name, mobile number, your size, quantity, the tee shirt’s code and mail address.

Thanks in advanced for your attention…

Les Blues team (France)

Les Blues team (France) || code 0111 & code 0112

de oranje team (The Netherlands)

de oranje team (The Netherlands) || code 0115 & code 0116

The Three Lions Team (England)

The Three Lions Team (England) || code 0103 & code 0104

Der Panzer Team (Germany)

Der Panzer Team (Germany) ||  code 0105 & code 0106

Blue Samurai Team (Japan)

Blue Samurai Team (Japan) || code 0109 & code 0110

Albicelestes Team (Argentina)

Albicelestes Team (Argentina) || code 0101 & code 0102

Azzuri Team (Italy)

Azzuri Team (Italy) || code 0107 & code 0108


9 thoughts on “tees for world cup edition #1

  1. Wah, bener2 melambangkan semangat nasionalisme buat timnas sepakbolanya nih.. sayangnya Indonesia gak masuk (lagi) ke babak final piala dunia ya.. tapi tetep aja atuh mestinya dibuatin dengan bendera kita juga…

    • hehe makasih, ntar deh k’luigi… lagi mikir2 dulu nama timnas Indonesia apa yah…. (garuk2 kepala)….
      smoga 4 taun lagi masuk k’luigi, kan udah ganti pelatih seinget aku.. 🙂

  2. Ik vind het knap dat je zoiets aanpakt. Leuk bedacht. Veel succes. Ik zie je in Zuid-Afrika met je winkeltje 😉

    • Rutger, I read it via google translation, keep in touch when you arrive in zuid-afrika… Wish the orange team win this year….. Thanks for visiting… dank je wel 🙂

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