on labour day

Yes, tomorrow is labor day. – First of May –

It’s been 4 months since I left Singapore, canceled my Employment Pass, to collect my white card at MOM (Ministry of Man Power) that stated I’m no longer a legal long-term resident in Republic of Singapore, I only have 30 days to leave the country. Few weeks before my social visit pass expiry, I worked for a company, but sadly they couldn’t be able to give me a permit. Well, as a good foreigner I should leave, not interested in dealing with Singapore’s Law. No thanks… A bit regret, why I never tried applying a PR. Because of economic downturn last year, it’s kinda hard to get a job in Singapore when your residential status is ‘FOREIGNER’.

At the present, I  started enjoying my days in Padang and Jakarta alternately. And I can say, it’s the longest time I stay in my own country since 2004. I hope I’ll be back to Singapore for work, according to the news, in this year Singapore economy gets better than last year, but for a while I really need to settle my own very small business to make more money, to survive in this hard world. After being a labor for employers, I’m now working with flexi time, but owh, I really miss my routine lifestyle. When I need to wake up at 6 am, back home late, around 9 pm then fall asleep, wake up etc, etc and weekend. But at least, I’d have more time to update my blog now. 🙂

I started blogging again… Well, I really miss it. I have medium to channel my thoughts. I got a lot from blogging, from new friends scattered over the world to silly experiences. Back those old days, when I was still a new kid on the blog,.. ha ha, those funny or silly moments, when I think we really need to get a netiquette subject at school.

But now, of course, I’m not coming back for being a new kid on the blog. I’m grown up, I promise myself to be more selective in posting topic on this blog. (fingers crossed ). I would post some tutorial here, because I really need to improve my skills and share it to the virtual world.

Then, back to my current days. Yes, I just want to write a little story about this. Living in two countries really give me some lessons about life. Trying to adapt or adjust with customary in  the host country, being a poor Indonesian student and worker in my  neighbor country, got some part-time job from being a waitress at cafe to tele-marketer beside my primary job. I like that kind of lifestyle, it’s impossible I do such those things in my own country. What?? it’s like there’s no other job, don’t  get embarrassed your parents. C’mon, you hold a bachelor degree, bla bla, end up serving / making coffee at cafe ..hey, hey.. I learnt alot of it… and I don’t end-up  here but it’s my life journey.. HAPPY LABOUR DAY

Finally, at home, or in my big family or  friends of my parents get me extremely annoyed …. I can say how peaceful living in my neighbor country, where nobody’s asking me, ‘ well, when are you getting married’ .. That’s not that nice question, to be honest. I’m used to live where people never ask this private question, now I have to get used to this custom. Oh, man.. Please, I’m not even interested in sharing my private life to you or on this blog… can we change other topic such as traveling subject or culinary stuff, it would be a good conversation. It really reminds me of this funny advertising. I like the sense of humor and  the actor.. Ringgo.

Ha ha


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