Koffiehuis Oey,Kopi Tiam Oey,Coffee Shop Oey or Toko Kopi Oey

On Wednesday night my friend and I went to Kopi Tiam Oey to have a chit chat killing the time after working hours. It’s a new place for me, because my curiosity with what my friend said about you must try Vietnamese Coffee at Kopi Tiam in Sabang district, Jakarta. This coffee shop mix the influence of  indo chine and Dutch legacy.

I’m so curious about Vietnamese coffee, it reminds me of my Vietnamese friend,named Ha, who recommended me to try a cup of Vietnamese coffee when you visit Vietnam. She knows I’m a coffee lover and she thinks as a coffee lover you must try this coffee. From what her explained to me at the other days, Vietnamese coffee is a very strong coffee, you can even stay awake for two days after consuming it. WOW. … Well then, my Jakartan friend took me to this KopiTiam Oey.

I like the place. But this Vietnamese coffee even though it’s okey, I fell asleep after drinking it few hours later. Hmm, I think I should try this coffee someday when I visit Vietnam.

Sabang district in Jakarta

Vietnamese coffee

Beef Roast Panini, it’s my fave one


Well, it’s not from Kopi Tiam Oey, but from somewhere nearby there.


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